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Most home and business owners are not aware that one of the most common and effective methods to protect their flat or low pitch roof are roof coating applications. A roof coating is a protectant and can prolong the lifespan of your roof. These products are both waterproof and reflective and some come with a warranty to give homeowners extra protection for their investment.

Types of Coatings

Reflexive Coating

Reflective roof coatings, are products applied to roofs to reduce solar heat. It acts like a mirror, reflecting the sun's radiant energy back into space. Another advantage of reflective roof coatings is that they contain UV-blocking pigments. Because UV rays age a roof considerably, the use of reflective roof coatings can extend the roof's life by up to 15 years. This is especially true in buildings with low slope or flat roofs, which tend to absorb sun energy at a higher rate than slanted roofs. Since roof maintenance accounts for more than 80% of a building's total maintenance cost, any product that can extend roof life will result in substantial savings.

Aluminum Roof Coating

Another option for flat as well as a sloped roof, is an aluminum roof coating. It possesses a lot of strength and has high durability. The bonding between the aluminum pigment and the asphalt base is strong, which enables it to resist heat and moisture. It also increases the life of the roof and saves the cost of its maintenance. Aluminum has high reflective properties. It is capable of reflecting out almost seventy percent of the sunlight. As a result, the asphaltic oils that forms the base of the roof coating stays well-protected. Thus, the elastic properties of the roof coating remain intact and thus, prevent cracking or drying out of the roof.

Rubber Roof Coating

Rubber roof coating provides a cost effective solution for many of today's roofing problems. It's added protection reduces costly patching and expensive re-applications. Rubber roof coating has high resistance to acids, alkali and salts. It is thermally stable and is unaffected by temperature changes; exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and superb adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.

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