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Copper can add an architectural exclamation point to your home or building. Copper offers unmatched character and durability, and lasts virtually forever. We do all types of copper work from bay windows, arches, gutters, flashing, and downspouts. Pure copper requires more of an upfront cost than standard stainless steel and aluminum, but it outlasts them by decades.

Types of Copper Work

Copper Gutters

Maintenance, durability and longevity are all important factors to consider when deciding upon a gutter system. Copper is an excellent choice of materials because of its low-maintenance, high resistance to corrosion and long life. As copper is exposed to the elements it develops a beautiful patina, or finish, lending itself to the uniqueness and sophistication of any home.

Bay Windows

Also known as bay window hoods, these functional, yet decorative areas are simply a copper overlay of a framed roof area. The shape of the hood will be determined by the underlying structure. Each side can be either flat or with a "swoop", also known as a pagoda.

Copper Flashing

Roof flashing is usually the last line of defense in the battle against water penetration. Flashing forms the intersections and terminations of roofing systems and surfaces, to thwart water penetration.

Copper is an excellent choice for flashing, as opposed to aluminum or steel flashing, because it is more durable. This metal has the best tensile strength of all options meaning expansion and contraction are minimal. It resists corrosion, cracking and tearing. Nothing else will withstand the repeated stress of wind, sun, ice and snow. It creates a veritable fortress around your roofline. Typical applications include chimney flashing, valley flashing on tile, wood shake, or slate roofs, as base, step and counter flashing at roof to sidewall intersections, or as exposed or concealed ridge and hip flashing.

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