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Sloping roofs are more common in North America; however flat roofs are fast gaining in popularity due to the various benefits they offer homeowners. Flat roofs are not entirely flat, in fact, they look horizontal or nearly horizontal, but they do have a slight slope of usually 10 degrees, to drain of the water and snow.

Flat roofs are constructed of an under layer and a top coat. There are always two parts and the proper sealing of them is critical to the integrity of the roof. The coating can be a PVC-like synthetic rubber coating, asphalt or a modified bitumen. All of these coverings need to be checked regularly to ensure that the roof stays leak free. They are architecturally appealing and can be economical if used in the right setting while being properly maintained.

The life of a flat roof depends on the material used in its construction and the frequency of preventive maintenance. It is recommended that flat roofs be inspected once in a year. Cleaning and clearing of debris from the drains is carried out regularly to prevent water logging and easy draining. Roof coating, which is responsible for waterproofing, degrades due to the ultra violet rays and hence needs preservation. Poor maintenance of flashings material used around objects that protrude from a roof such as chimney is the main cause of leakages in flat roofs.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs have some distinct advantages over their sloped counterparts. These advantages include:

  • Flat roofs are easier to inspect because they are more stable and horizontal than sloped roofs.
  • Flat roofs add to usable space. If strong enough, it can be used as a terrace garden or as an outdoor amenity.
  • Flat roofs reduce dead space that is a common feature of sloping roofs.
  • The cost of construction is significantly lower than traditional sloping roofs, resulting in substantial savings that can be set aside for future contingencies or diverted to other home improvement projects.
  • Cheaper second floors can be built on homes already having a flat roof.
  • Flat roofs not only reduce initial cost but also add value to your homes.

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