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A pitched roof is a roof made up of two angled pieces that meet in the middle, with gables at either end. The pitch of both sides of the roof is generally the same, although sometimes they may be pitched at different angles for aesthetic reasons. The angle of the pitch varies considerably. Pitched roofs can be built with a very deep pitch so that snow cannot accumulate on the roof and others may be built with the roof angled just enough to allow water to drain.

Major Components of a Pitched Roofing System Roof covering

  • Shingle
  • Tile or Slate
  • Cedar Shake

Underlayment (Felt): Originally used for temporary protection against the elements, the roof underlayment is now a necessary part of your roof system. The underlayment provides an essential layer of protection on top of the decking to help keep moisture out. It is necessary for your manufacturer's warranties and to meet building codes.

Roof Deck Protection: Your roof deck provides the foundation for your roofing materials. The decking is sheets of wood (generally OSB or plywood) that are secured to the rafters of your home. In some cases, the decking may need to be replaced due to age and normal wear and tear. There are many reasons this can occur including; inadequate attachment of existing panels, sagging or ridging between supports, soft and wet panels, mold/mildew growth at panels, or delamination.

Leak Barriers: Add extra protection (optional) in valleys and at eave and rake edges-the most leak-prone areas of the roof. Extra protection is strongly recommended for chronic problem areas like skylights, dormers, vent pipes, chimneys, and other flashing areas add another layer of protection.

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